How do we take care of our jewelry

Jewelry is a special accessory that adds beauty and elegance to its look and value – these must be worn and kept in mind by their fragility. Both beauty, brilliance, and value can be lost if these special items are not properly cared for.

Jewelry is not an object that suits the habit of wearing it all the time.
On the contrary, we recommend removing jewelry when you go home or do various household chores.

Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) degrade in contact with various household substances, such as detergents, chlorine, bleach. They can be cleaned, but they will never be the same, they will lose their shine and shine, and later they will gain some sensitivity, becoming darker and easier.

Do not try cleaning jewels with chlorine or detergents. Do not use “old” methods to clean jewelry (for example a boil in bicarbonate water), as it is possible that no special jewelry cleaning agent can repair the damage done.

Not only the quality of metal and stone matters but also how they are maintained!

It’s not at all advisable to get into the bathroom or wash your head wearing jewelry of any kind. Chemical compounds, chlorine, and mechanical actions can damage them. Thus, there are scratches on the surface of the metals or stones, and the mount weakens, leading to the fall of the stones.

How we care for jewelry We recommend removing jewels before bathing in the beach, pool, sea or thermal baths. Chlorine in water, as well as salts, destroy both metal and natural or artificial stones, with a strong corrosive effect on them.
You may find a strong blackening of silver or gold, as well as a discoloration and loss of glow of the stones.

Before going to bed, remove your favorite jewels and put them in a box on the bedside. Otherwise, due to the movements during sleep, while the stones fall and the stones fall, the stones can break, and the jewelry is affected by perspiration and permanent contact with the skin.

Apply perfume, body lotions or make-up products and makeup before you put your jewels. The chemical compounds in them can dirty and/or damage them.

Most of the semiprecious stones (malachite, turquoise, onyx, etc.), as well as pearls, have a porous texture so they easily absorb water or chemical compounds in soap and other cosmetic or cleaning products that can discolor or damage the resistance. To protect them, avoid contact with such items.

Avoid any contact of the coral (of any kind: naturally, pressed, artificially) with water.
This, returning to his natural environment, will eventually change color and texture.

Do not expose stones to sunlight or strong light. Most stones (such as turquoises, amethysts) naturally lose color and brilliance by exposure to the sun. Many stones, although natural, are subjected to color intensifying treatments, which can cause a significant decrease in color and gloss, which is implicitly the value of the gem in all, in contact with light and strong heat.

Do not wear pearls or fashion jewelry with precious/semi-precious stones along with metal necklaces or other jewelry with stones because they can scratch. Organic “stones” contain pearls containing water. Keep them warm and excessively light as these factors can cause pearls to dry, causing cracks or discoloration.
Cleaning the pearls from time to time with a very soft cloth soaked lightly in the water and squeezing well can help keep their optimum moisture.

Treat carefully the jewels with faceted stones. These can easily scratch, the facets can be damaged (especially the garnet which is a softer stone). Avoid contact with metals, or any other agents that could degrade them. Store them in boxes, in special compartments, lined with soft fabric or in velvet or silk bags, each separately.

Also, the stones with faceted stones in the “tension” montage are particularly elegant jewelry, but they must be worn in moderation and with great care, as the fitting can weaken, and the stone can easily be cracked, eventually destroying the jewelry. These are not rings that can be worn every day for years.

Do not attempt to clean the stones with needles or other sharp objects.

A special category is the nail jewelry (natural or artificial), various types of shells, bone and stained or varnished wood. They require special treatment due to the natural fragility of the material they are made of. Let’s not forget how easily a shell can break or break or how fragile a piece of wood is.

Why do we like jewelery?

Jewelry is the most wonderful thing that man has created. At least that’s what most women think. Delicate or massive, with precious stones or simple stones, the jewels take our eyes. It is written in genes to sigh after them and to bring joy when we have them. Our hearts thrill when we see them and we want them with passion. What can I say? We just love jewelry.

Every woman is unique. Never forget this. It flatters us and makes us aware of something: we really deserve these praises, these appreciations. We are beautiful and tidy. Few women can boast of these things simply because they have no time to deal with them. He would not have forgotten to forget this.

We like to see you beautiful, elegant, cheerful. We like colors, which is amazing. Necklaces for women are just beautiful. And the jewels they wear cover such a varied spectrum that you can not say they have certain preferences in this area of beauty.

If we look in the street to our women, we notice that jewelry is an absolutely necessary accessory. What is very interesting, and it must be said, is that women do not wear jewelry for the sake of having them. An assortment of the outfit is extremely important. We have a great sense of color and the way we choose jewelry.

When choosing our jewels, we have to think very well about the occasion we were wearing them. Are we going to work? Then we have a very wide palette because everything depends on the field in which we work. If the work we put up requires a sober outfit, see the banking field, then the jewels will be delicate, of precious metals. It is best for sober outfits to have silver. Its cool and pure reflections, along with little or no precious stones, delicate crystals, are absolutely perfect for the black navy outfits that are required.

But, if your service is extremely permissive, just asking for a decent one, then we can passionately throw our jewelry boxes and free the imagination. Do we want to be fashionable? Then the brightly colored beads, at the base of its long neck, plastic or crystals or pearls, are extremely suited. Long earrings, bracelets, rings with colored stones. nothing is too little. Of course, they must be assorted colorfully.

The fact that fashion allows us to wear and assert the jewels of noble materials – gold, silver, Swarovski crystals, pearls – with extreme casual outfits only stimulates our imagination. Most women associate pearls with elegant, classic outfits. White pearls are stylish and worn on special occasions. But fashion has taught us that the pearls can be colored, made of glass or plastic, and can be used in much less formal outfits. They can give a note of joy and youth. Never look at the noble jewels as an accessory suitable only for elegant or classic outfits. Let your imagination flutter and improvise.

Today fashion allows us to experiment and overcome the limits, the taboos regarding the way we choose our accessories. Get inspired by the way nature chooses the colors. Observe the shades of flowers, the way nature takes on holidays every season. You have a lot to learn. Nature is bold and does not know the word limits. If she can, and we have to dare.

Jewelry is not only a means of beauty but rather a way of affirming one’s own personality. The way we choose our accessories reflects a way of thinking, a way of looking at life. Women are often classified according to the jewelry they wear: classical and stylish women, busy women, women always in fashion, etc.

However, it is difficult to group women according to their accessories. A woman can gracefully wear a pearl necklace in a classic outfit, but the next day and on another occasion, she will wear completely different jewels. Everything depends a lot on the mood we can have on certain days. That’s why we can never classify a woman according to its accessories.

Jewelry – we love them because it gives us another way to express our personality and creativity.